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APEDA job vacancy as an Assistant Director (Technical) at APEDA in Delhi NCR. Learn about APEDA's vital role in boosting India's agricultural and processed food exports. Find out about the qualifications, responsibilities, and application process.

Organization: Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA)

Location: Delhi NCR, India

Application Deadline: 7th November 2023

Job Description:

Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) is a pivotal organization that plays a crucial role in bolstering India’s agricultural and processed food exports to the global market. As APEDA aims to expand its impact, we invite dedicated and dynamic candidates to apply for the position of Assistant Director (Technical). This role presents an exceptional opportunity to contribute to India’s agricultural exports and the growth of the nation’s food processing industry.

About APEDA:

APEDA was established by the Government of India under the Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority Act, which was passed by Parliament in December 1985. The Act came into effect in February 1986 and marked the replacement of the Processed Food Export Promotion Council (PFEPC). APEDA operates with the mission to promote, develop, and facilitate the export of agricultural and processed food products from India, ensuring that the nation’s products meet global standards and have access to international markets.

Job Title: Assistant Director (Technical)

Job Responsibilities:

APEDA job vacancy as an Assistant Director (Technical), you will be at the forefront of driving the technical aspects of agricultural and processed food product exports. Your key responsibilities will encompass:

  1. Technical Expertise: Offering expert technical guidance and support to exporters and stakeholders within the agricultural and processed food industry.
  2. Regulatory Compliance: Ensuring that all export activities align with relevant regulations, standards, and quality requirements, thereby upholding India’s reputation for high-quality products.
  3. Quality Assurance: Overseeing the implementation of quality control measures, thus maintaining and enhancing the standards of the products being exported.
  4. Product Development: Collaborating closely with exporters to refine the quality, packaging, and presentation of products in accordance with the discerning requirements of international markets.
  5. Market Research: Conduct insightful research to identify market trends, demands, and opportunities for Indian agricultural and processed food products.
  6. Capacity Building: Organizing and conducting training programs and workshops that empower stakeholders in the industry, promoting growth and innovation.
  7. Documentation: Ensuring that all aspects of the export process are properly documented, in accordance with compliance and regulatory requirements.
  8. Stakeholder Engagement: Building and nurturing relationships with various stakeholders, including exporters, government agencies, and international bodies, thereby fostering collaboration and synergy.

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Qualifications and Requirements:

  • A Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in a relevant field.
  • Prior experience in the agricultural or processed food export industry.
  • Proficiency in international quality standards and regulatory requirements.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Adaptability and the ability to work effectively in a diverse and dynamic environment.
  • Strong understanding of market research and product development.

Application Process:

  • Interested candidates must submit their applications through the provided online portal.
  • Essential educational and experience documents/certificates should be uploaded as part of the application.
  • Applicants must meet the necessary qualifications/experience criteria before the application deadline.

Application Fee:

  • A nominal application fee of Rs 300/- applies (with exceptions for Female/SC/ST/Persons with Benchmark Disability candidates).
  • The fee can be conveniently paid via the provided online application portal.

Selection Process:

  • A written test with a duration of 2 ½ hours is the primary means of assessment. The test is bilingual, allowing candidates to choose between Hindi and English.
  • Qualifying marks for the written test are set at 50% for SC/ST candidates and 60% for others.
  • The merit list will be constructed based on the performance in the written test.

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General Conditions:

  • The job posting is open to candidates with specific benchmark disabilities (as detailed in the job posting).
  • Age relaxation and fee exemptions are available in accordance with government rules.
  • Candidates currently employed in Government/Semi-Government/Autonomous Bodies must provide a No Objection Certificate as part of their application.
  • The selection process adheres to the Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (Recruitment) Regulations, 2022.

Important Note:

  • Ensure that your application includes a scanned, color passport-size photograph in JPEG format, adhering to specified requirements to avoid the cancellation of your candidature.

About the Location:

The role is based in Delhi NCR, providing an exciting and dynamic work environment in India’s capital region.


If you possess a passion for contributing to India’s agricultural and processed food exports and meet the requisite qualifications and experience, we strongly encourage you to apply for the position of Assistant Director (Technical) at APEDA. This role offers a unique opportunity to make a substantial impact in promoting high-quality Indian products to international markets. Join APEDA in its mission to support the growth of the agricultural and processed food industry in India and be part of a dynamic team dedicated to this cause.

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