Bikano’s Swad Anusar: Now Adding Flavor to Your Kitchen

Swad Anusar is going to change how we use spices in our food. With Swad Anusar, they are making a big effort to make Indian spices even better.

Bikano, the famous brand from Bikanervala Foods, has some exciting news. They’re stepping into the world of Indian spices with a new brand called Swad Anusar. This means they’re going to make spices that will make your Indian cooking even better.

Manish Aggarwal, the Director of Bikano, says, “We’ve been around for a long time, and people love our snacks. They’re special because of the tasty spices we use. That’s why we thought, why not make spices for regular meals too? So, we created Swad Anusar to give your food an extra kick of flavor.”

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Kush Aggarwal, who’s in charge of marketing at Bikano, explains that Swad Anusar is going to change how we use spices in our food. He says, “With Swad Anusar, we’re making a big effort to make Indian spices even better. We know how to make tasty snacks, and now we’re bringing that same taste to your daily meals. We’re blending spices in unique ways to make your food taste fantastic. At Bikano, we’re not just selling spices; we’re making it a big deal, and we want you to get creative with your cooking!”

Now, let’s talk about the spices. Swad Anusar will have all the essential spices you need in your Indian kitchen. They’ll have Tandoori Masala, Chaap Masala, Kitchen King Masala, Sambhar Masala, Shahi Paneer Masala, Rajma Masala, Kadhai Paneer Masala, Dal Makhni Masala, and Chole Masala. This means you can make all your favorite dishes at home.

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But what makes Bikano different is that they care about where they get their spices. They work with farmers and suppliers to make sure the spices are of the best quality and grown sustainably. They check the spices carefully to make sure they are just right before they use them.

To make sure the spices are safe and high quality, Bikano follows all the important rules and gets the right certifications like FSSAI, ISO, HACCP, and GMP. This shows how much they care about making good spices for you.

You can find Swad Anusar spices at Bikanervala outlets all over India. They’re also available online, so you can order them easily.

In short, Bikano’s Swad Anusar is here to make your food tastier. They’re bringing their years of snack-making experience to your kitchen with their special spices. So, get ready to make your meals more exciting with Swad Anusar’s tasty spices!

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