Bournvita No Longer Considered Health Drinks

If you’re part of Gen Z, you’ve probably grown up seeing ads for popular beverages like Bournvita labelled as “health drinks.” However, recent developments have changed this landscape. In light of an investigation by the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR), the Ministry of Commerce and Industry announced on April 10th that these products can no longer be marketed as health drinks. Let’s delve into why this shift occurred and its implications.

Firstly, what prompted this change? A thorough inquiry conducted by NCPCR found that neither the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) nor Mondelez India Food Pvt Ltd provided a clear definition of ‘health drink’ within the framework of the FSS Act 2006. As a result, categorizing any product as a health drink became problematic due to the lack of legal recognition.

Another critical issue uncovered during the probe was the high sugar content present in some of these so-called health drinks. Specifically, Bournvita surpasses the permissible sugar limit set forth by regulations. With childhood obesity and diabetes rates steadily rising globally, controlling sugar intake has become more important than ever before, particularly among younger generations.

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So, how does this impact consumers? Essentially, brands will need to modify their marketing strategies moving forward. Products once promoted as health drinks may now require revised labels emphasizing different aspects or benefits rather than making health claims. For shoppers, especially from the digitally savvy Gen Z cohort, being vigilant about ingredient lists and nutrition facts remains essential when selecting beverages online.

As we navigate through this transition, understanding the reasoning behind the decision helps us make well-informed choices regarding our consumption habits. Stay tuned to our channel for updates on changes affecting your favourite products!


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