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I am Juhi Singh from Japfa, India. Since 1975, Japfa, one of Indonesia’s largest agro-food companies, has been producing vital animal protein staples for the country. In India, we have eight feed manufacturing plants, one each in Maharashtra, Bihar, West Bengal, Telangana, Assam, Uttar Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, and Gujrat. Additionally, we also have hatcheries, parent stock farms, and poultry farms supporting our farm business; the food business operates with a slaughterhouse and a poultry processing center, providing the entire back-end supply chain and cold chain in the form of online delivery and D2C retail stores in Pune (JAPFA Best) supporting our food business, right now we have Food Technology Job in Pune.

Key Responsibilities:

Learning Quality Assurance Procedures:

    • Assist in implementing quality assurance protocols and procedures in poultry slaughter operations, including pre-slaughter inspections, post-slaughter inspections, and overall quality control measures.

Inspection and Sampling:

    • Conduct visual inspections and sampling of poultry carcasses at various stages of the slaughter process to identify defects, abnormalities, or signs of contamination.

Compliance with Regulatory Standards:

    • Understand and adhere to all applicable regulations, guidelines, and industry standards related to food safety, animal welfare, labeling, and product traceability.

Monitoring and Reporting:

    • Assist in monitoring and documenting key quality indicators, such as temperature, moisture levels, weight, and labeling accuracy, ensuring compliance with specifications, and reporting any deviations or non-compliance.

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HACCP and Food Safety:

    • Monitor and record data for implementing Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP), and perform root cause analysis in case of observed deviations during monitoring.

Data Collection and Analysis:

    • Assist in collecting, organizing, and analyzing data related to product quality, performance, and compliance, contributing to ongoing process improvement initiatives.


    • Work collaboratively with production teams, supervisors, and quality assurance personnel to communicate and address quality concerns, implement corrective actions, and ensure continuous improvement.

Documentation and Record-Keeping:

    • Assist in maintaining accurate records of quality control activities, inspections, testing results, corrective actions, and other required documentation for compliance and audit purposes.

Training and Development:

    • Conduct training sessions, workshops, and on-the-job training to enhance knowledge of quality assurance practices, regulatory requirements, and industry trends for food handlers.

Job Details

Position Title Quality - Trainee
Position Band Junior Management (C)
Reporting To Deputy Manager – Quality
Location Talegaon, Pune, Maharashtra

Eligible Courses

B.Tech. – Food Technology, M.Tech. – Food Technology

Eligibility Criteria And Food Technology

Selection Process Details

1) Resume Shortlisting
2) HR Round
3) Technical Round
4) Final PI


Fixed – INR 2,40,000

Fixed Gross – INR 2,80,000 (Per Annum)

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Contact Details 

9953160066 <<< Share your C.V here After you Apply 👆👆

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