FSSAI planning to make new regulations for energy drinks

In a move aimed at safeguarding consumer health, India’s food safety watchdog, FSSAI, is gearing up to implement stringent regulations for caffeinated energy drinks, which have been witnessing a surge in popularity, particularly among young individuals.

Under the proposed regulations, companies will be obligated to prominently display the caffeine content on their packaging, accompanied by potential warnings such as “high in caffeine.” FSSAI is also considering mandating the inclusion of recommended caffeine intake limits on labels to encourage responsible consumption. These measures come in response to growing concerns over studies linking excessive energy drink consumption to sleep disturbances, anxiety, and dehydration.

While awaiting the official guidelines from FSSAI, beverage giants like PepsiCo and Coca-Cola have refrained from commenting on the matter.

Current Scenario:

  • Energy drinks have been experiencing remarkable growth, with an annual increase of 50-55%, primarily driven by their affordability and widespread availability.
  • Domestic brands such as Sting and Thums Up Charged have gained significant traction in the market, offering competitive pricing compared to global leaders like Red Bull and Monster.

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Potential Changes:

  • Enhanced visibility of caffeine content on the packaging, potentially accompanied by warnings indicating products high in caffeine.
  • Compulsory labelling of recommended caffeine intake limits to promote informed and responsible consumption habits.
  • Potential restrictions on marketing and sales targeting vulnerable groups, such as teenagers, to mitigate potential health risks associated with excessive consumption.

As FSSAI prepares to roll out these stricter regulations, it underscores the agency’s commitment to ensuring consumer safety and well-being in the face of evolving dietary trends.

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