Helpline Introduced to Report Food Adulteration

Just before the festive season begins, the local administration introduces a dedicated hotline to battle food fraud and counterfeiting incidents involving popular treats like paneer, milk, and khoya. Amidst the bustling preparations for occasions like Holi, Navratri, and Eid-Ul-Fitr, food regulators fear a potential surge in illegal food tampering and substandard ingredient usage.

To curtail this threat and safeguard public health, officials urge locals to stay alert and participate in fighting back against bogus food products. District Magistrate Surya Pal Gangwar stressed the necessity of citizen involvement in recognizing and exposing phoney duplicates and polluted consumables. Moreover, he assured residents that the FSDA (Food Safety and Drug Administration) will ramp up routine inspections across town to double down on offenders.

Starting immediately, concerned citizens can call the toll-free hotline, 0522-3514492, to submit tips and complaints related to food adulteration in their vicinity. Rest assured, informants’ identities will remain undisclosed, and rapid action will be initiated to rectify reported issues.

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Following suit, the FSDA collected 47 samples from numerous eateries, markets, and candy stores within two days. Testing is ongoing for seized items, including soybean oil, ghee, and khoya. Once test results arrive, suitable remedial actions will ensue. Meanwhile, the newly established hotline witnesses impressive activity, driving the FSDA to incrementally scale up surveillance efforts and ensure authentic food reaches consumers during holidays.

In summary, join forces with the FSDA and help eradicate food fraud this festive season. Keep a watchful eye on suspicious consumables, and don’t hesitate to contact the convenient hotline whenever required. Together, we can preserve our cherished traditions while enjoying healthy, genuine fare.



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