Celebrating the Earth’s Bounty | ITC Mission Millets Postal Stamp

The exclusive ITC Mission Millets postal stamp acknowledges the significant role of farmers and connects sustainable farming to nutritious food products and delicious millet-based recipes and dishes

ITC Limited, in collaboration with the Department of Post, Ministry of Communication, released a special postal stamp in New Delhi. This exclusive stamp is a tribute to the remarkable efforts of ITC’s Mission Millets initiative, which aims to commemorate the International Year of Millets and raise awareness about the nutritional benefits and sustainable farming practices of these humble grains.

The stamp features a captivating sketch illustration, portraying the collective effort of ITC’s Agri Business Division, Foods Business Division, and ITC Hotels. It beautifully captures the journey of millets from the fertile farms to ITC’s state-of-the-art food production factories, where they are transformed into a range of delicious and nutritious millet-based products. From ready-to-eat meals, cookies, and noodles to vermicelli, snacks, and staples like Multi Millet Mix and Ragi Flour, ITC has made it a mission to provide a variety of millet-based offerings for every meal occasion.

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More than just a symbol of honor, this stamp represents the invaluable contributions of farmers who play a crucial role in sustainable farming and connect it to the creation of wholesome food products. ITC’s commitment to millets goes beyond just nourishing its consumers; it extends to the empowerment of farmers and the promotion of climate-resilient agriculture.

In conjunction with the stamp release, ITC has launched an innovative digital collectible stamp. This initiative encourages consumers to become millet advocates and spread awareness about the manifold benefits of these nutrient-dense grains. By pledging their support to adopt millets in their daily meals and snacks, consumers can actively participate in this noble mission.

The stamp release event was graced by the presence of esteemed dignitaries, including Kailash Choudhary, Minister of State for Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare of India, Manju Kumar, Chief Post Master General, and S. Sivakumar, Group Head – Agri Business, ITC Limited. Together, they highlighted the significance of millet in addressing micronutrient deficiency and emphasized the government’s commitment to promoting millet farming.

ITC’s dedication to millets doesn’t stop at promoting consumer awareness; the company is also actively supporting Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs) through its ITCMAARS initiative. This unique ‘phygital’ ecosystem harnesses digital advancements to empower farmers and create a robust millet agri value chain.

The release of the ITC Mission Millets Commemorative Stamp is not only a symbol of honor; it’s a testament to ITC’s steadfast commitment to creating a larger market for millets and advocating for sustainable agriculture. As we celebrate Shree Anna and the International Year of Millets, let’s embrace these nutritious grains and sow the seeds of a healthier and more sustainable future.

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