Karnataka Prohibits the use of Coloring Agents in Gobi Manchurian and Cotton Candy

The health-conscious citizens of Karnataka received welcome news recently as the state government decided to ban the usage of dangerous synthetic colours in popular street foods, namely cotton candy and Gobi Manchurian. Following investigations that revealed carcinogenic substances in the artificial colours employed in these beloved treats, Health and Family Welfare Minister Dinesh Gundu Rao announced strict measures aimed at safeguarding public health.

Minister Rao shared alarming statistics detailing the prevalence of synthetic colouring agents in widely consumed dishes. According to surveys conducted on February 12, 107 out of 171 Gobi Manchurian samples contained hazardous additives, whereas 15 of the 25 tested cotton candy samples showed traces of harmful chemicals. Such findings led authorities to declare that consuming these items would violate the provisions outlined in the Food Safety and Standards Act of 2006 and the Food Safety and Standards (Food Products Standards and Food Additives) Regulations of 2011.

Consequently, the administration promptly imposed restrictions on two toxic colourants: Rhodamine B in cotton candy and Sudan Red II in Gobi Manchurian. Consuming snacks prepared using these illegal dyes poses severe health concerns, including increased chances of developing cancer. Anyone caught flouting this regulation now faces a penalty of up to seven years behind bars and fines reaching Rs 10 lakh.

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While announcing the crackdown on harmful ingredients, Mr Rao highlighted the importance of individual responsibility regarding food choices. “Raising awareness,” said he, “will remain an ongoing effort.” Encouraged by this initiative, locals express renewed confidence in the government’s commitment to ensuring safe and healthy sustenance alternatives.

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