Join the Big Webinar on Meat and Poultry Processing! Come, join the informative webinar on Meat and Poultry Processing by NIFTEM Thanjavur on January 24, 2024, from 10 AM to 2 PM.

What You’ll Learn

  • Innovations in Meat & Poultry Processing: Discover new tech and ideas for small food businesses in this field.
  • Understanding FSSAI Rules: Learn about FSSAI registrations and licenses made simple for small meat & poultry businesses.
  • Smart Packaging & Marketing Tips: Find out how to better package and market your products.
  • PMFME Scheme Guidelines: Get to know the important points of the PMFME Scheme.
  • Sorting Finances: Tips on preparing plans and getting money for your small business.

Who Should Join

This webinar is for:

  • Small Food Entrepreneurs
  • State Officials
  • Farmer Groups
  • Self-Help Teams
  • Co-operatives
  • Students & Teachers

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Delicious Products to Explore

Meat Ideas: From easy-to-cook marinated grilled chicken skewers to tasty sausages.

Poultry Options: Tasty chicken jerky, yummy marinated wings and convenient egg salad wraps.

Apply Now

Ready to learn about meat and poultry processing? Apply here for this useful webinar.

Get in Touch

For any questions, contact:

The Director
National Institute of Food Technology, Entrepreneurship, and Management, Thanjavur (NIFTEM)
Pudukkottai Road, Thanjavur – 613 005, Tamil Nadu

Contact: 9894244344 & 9080153435

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