PepsiCo Introduces New bubly burst Sparkling Water Beverage

In 2018, PepsiCo shook up the sparkling water scene with the arrival of Bubly. Today, they continue to innovate and excite fans with a fantastic new addition called Bubly Burst! Combining tasty, vibrant fruit flavours and a touch of light sweetness with minimal calories, bubbly burst provides a thrilling twist to classic sparkling water. And true to the original bubbly spirit, every serving comes filled with the same cheerful personality and captivating charm!

Enjoy a splash of excitement with six incredible flavours: Triple Berry, Peach Mango, Watermelon Lime, Pineapple Tangerine, Cherry Lemonade, and Tropical Punch. At just 10 calories or fewer and featuring no added sugars, indulge guilt-free while still experiencing mouthwatering explosions of taste. Plus, enjoy the signature bubbly look with eye-catching packaging, quirky messages, and friendly greetings gracing each bottle and cap.

Each bubbly burst variety boasts crisp, clean carbonation alongside satisfying fruitiness, encapsulated in 100% recycled PET single-serve 16.9 oz bottles. Available nationwide at supermarkets, fuel stations, corner shops, and even online platforms, grabbing your favourites has never been easier!

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Todd Kaplan, Chief Marketing Officer for Pepsi and Sparkling Waters, explains why Bubly Burst makes perfect sense for the ever-growing sparkling water fanbase:

“Sparkling water’s popularity surge attracts curious newcomers seeking richer, somewhat sweeter profiles yet retaining characteristic qualities appreciated by loyal enthusiasts. That’s precisely what Bubly Burst offers – a delectable fruit-infused spritz, wrapped up in the unmistakable Bubly fashion!”

Get ready to embrace bubbly burst as it raises the bar for sparkling water experiences everywhere! Feel invigorated, express yourself, and celebrate life with this irresistibly charming drink choice. Join the movement today and see why bubbly burst leaves others buzzing with happiness!


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